Lead Game Designer, Producer

Mechromancy is a 1-3 player cooperative action game.  Using a custom built alternative controller players utilize the power of lightning to control their mechs on an alien planet to find, gather and escort precious minerals across an alien world while holding off a horde of insect like creatures.

What I did:

Scrum Master

  • Managed backlog across a team of 11 developers over a span of 3 months
  • Created and maintained design documentation including but not limited to 1-Sheet design documentation.  Feature design documents.
  • Drafted and created pitch and marketing materials
  • Coordinated with 2 other producers to help keep the different pipelines moving smoothly by supplying the teams with whatever information and/or documentation they needed
  • Ran and led meetings with Executive Producers
  • Designed and built the alternative controller depicted to the left


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