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Starting Room Alpha Playthrough

Strange Creatures
Still in development more information can be found here 

Lead Producer

Strange creatures is a 1-4 player cooperative 3D puzzle platformer where players play as one of four curious creatures that use their wacky abilities to escape the wicked lab.

What I did: 

  • Scrum Master
  • Created and maintained a backlog utilizing JIRA
  • Created and presented burndown charts to team and Executive Producers
  • Prepared materials for and presented at bi-weekly sprint reviews
  • Coordinating with publishing platforms to apply for development kits
  • Fostered an environment of cooperation and respect between disciplines in the team
  • Provided tools and resources to help improve maintain a smooth pipeline
  • Responsible for Designing 3 of the core 7 levels that will be playable on launch
  • Worked with game designers to test out and prototype mechanics¬†
  • Worked with Game Designer to prototype puzzles and create game and level design documents
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